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Bedtime with Arashi

A great thank you to a mafia from DNA community for the write up on Training camp.
Went and rewatch it and love the the fun and humour they have during bedtime.

After watching it, reminds me of the Uda Uda special in DnA.
So will be going to rewatch those episodes too...

dna073-5dna084-1dna088-6dna095-5(credits to taijiprojectsub)

Since Arashi will be in Hawaii soon... Need to re-watch Matsujun "wake up" call on the other members in Hawaii too...

Let's enjoy it together.. ^o^

Hello Goodbye

thHellloo everyone..

Finally updating my journal. Just a quick introduction.

My name is Angela and I am from Malaysia.
I'm a Chinese..who can only speak Cantonese dialect but cannot read chinese words. English is my main communication mode in reading, writing and speaking.

I'm a big fan of Arashi and been goo goo ga ga over them for nearly 5 years.
U are welcome to add me and let's talk non-stop about Arashi.